Heard of the phrase “as safe as the Bank of England”? Well as if its strong rooms, safes, and iron bars were not enough the Bank of England went a step further in the 19th century and armed herself. Lot 510 in this auction contains a .750 percussion musket by Lacy & Co made around […]

Just Dinky

How can you resist lot 1509 in the sale, a double barrel .410 boxlock ejector by William Evans of London no. 17667? Lovely quality, tiny, tiny gun weighing just over 4lbs., lovely condition and a tiger striped stock. Double barrel .410s are always in good demand but what makes lot 1509 a bit special is […]


Lot 615 in the March auction contains a 60 bore needle fire rifle by J.W. Edge of Manchester c1860 in remarkable original condition considering that it is about one hundred and sixty years old. If you like minty pieces this is the lot for you. All its original finish is there, colour hardening, blue and […]


Lot 405 in Holts’ 19th March auction is a blunderbuss by Edward North, London built around 1770. It is a straightforward blunderbuss, but not if you look at the butt. The butt is badly damaged, not due to mishandling or neglect, it has been damaged by a furious sword with a couple of deep cuts, […]

One Lucky Boy

Lot 1599 includes an excellent quality single-barrelled 12 bore hammer gun no. 4244 built by Westley Richards & Co. c 1872. It has a non-rebounding lock and a very fine 30” Damascus barrel. It is a very usable gun too, being nitro reproved in 2018 and a decent 14 1/8” stock, just the job for […]

Footpads Beware

Lot 570 comprises a lovely little pair of double-barrelled percussion pocket pistols by Durs Egg, London dating from the 1830s. Just to make them even more desirable they are contained in their original case with the tiniest, cutest little three-way flask. Durs Egg was of Swiss origin and made exquisite highly individual flint guns and […]

A Chapter All To Itself

Lot 1102 Lot 1102 in the March sale offers a Holland & Holland bolt action .375 Magnum rifle no. 3348. Of all the rifles introduced and developed by Holland & Holland, by far the most acclaimed and legendary is the .375 Magnum. John Taylor, a noted professional hunter wrote in his book Big Game And […]