“Smoking Barrels”

AT SEDGEFORD, NORFOLK 11th OCTOBER 2021 Driven game shooting with vintage, black powder, muzzle-loaders – smoky, dirty, loud … and quite possibly the most fun you can have on a peg. Combine it with gourmet food from Tim Crowley of Crowley’s of Suffolk and it makes for a truly memorable experience.


Lot 615 in the March auction contains a 60 bore needle fire rifle by J.W. Edge of Manchester c1860 in remarkable original condition considering that it is about one hundred and sixty years old. If you like minty pieces this is the lot for you. All its original finish is there, colour hardening, blue andContinue reading “JUST AS IT LEFT THE SHOP IN 1860”

Revolution, War, Pillage – They Have Survived.

Lot 475 displays in all their magnificence, a very fine pair of 60 bore flintlock ivory and gilt travelling pistols c 1770 bearing the French House of Bourbon coat of arms. They were made to exhibition standards for either King Louis XV (1715-1774) or King Louis XVI (1774-1792). The French monarchs were avid collectors ofContinue reading “Revolution, War, Pillage – They Have Survived.”

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