Just Dinky

How can you resist lot 1509 in the sale, a double barrel .410 boxlock ejector by William Evans of London no. 17667? Lovely quality, tiny, tiny gun weighing just over 4lbs., lovely condition and a tiger striped stock.

Double barrel .410s are always in good demand but what makes lot 1509 a bit special is that it is by a well-known maker, is an ejector and has a 14 ¼” stock, a very useable gun.

Most .410s have badly pitted barrels and for many years I put this down to neglect until I discovered the true answer. In the 19th century the primers were corrosive but at the turn of the century non-corrosive primers were perfected. The big cartridge manufacturers were left with thousands upon thousands of corrosive primers and so they used them all up over many decades in .410 cartridges, their reasoning being that most .410s were workhorse guns and of poor quality anyway.

The little Evans does have a little pitting but nothing to worry about and has recently been  reproved. Cradling it in your arm, it is so dinky to go for a potter about with  and of course you can also kid yourself that you are buying it for a son or daughter.

Small bores are in great demand particularly double .410 ejectors and in addition to its very usable status, it would be an excellent investment as well.

Lot 1509 is estimated at £800 – £1200

Donald Dallas